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We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

To: Brian, Brenden & Patrick

Thank you for all you have done to help us through this difficult time.
It takes special people to do what you all do.
Your kind & comforting words will forever be remembered.
Once again, Thank You for being by our side on the saddest day of our lives.

Sherry, Lisa & Michelle from Cattaraugus, NY
February 15, 2022

We chose your Funeral Home based on your reputation. Everything was excellent. The Directors made a very difficult situation less stressful.

Both Brenden and Brian were very accessible providing us their cell phone numbers. Also, Brian went beyond expectations and made two home visits to pick up items that we forgot to include for the burial and delivering the death certificates.

Our family greatly appreciated this extra attention in this most difficult time.

A family from Buffalo...
November 3, 2021

We found the Funeral Director who assisted us to be very pleasant and cordial, the attention to details was outstanding and we will definitely choose your Funeral Home again.

Janice from West Seneca
November 3, 2021

Hi Brian,

I’ve been really appreciate your assistance and respectful works, it’s my honor to choose your company and services, definitely pure pleasure for me, if there’s any chance I could go to the states in the future, I will definitely meet you in person.

Best Regards,

Shaw, from Beijing, China
September 1, 2021

Hello Brian... Please accept my thanks for making a stressful day so much less so. Your knowledge, experience and professionalism put me completely at ease. I had no doubt that every detail would be attended to and was able to feel at ease as a result.

You, Brenden, Patrick and all of the staff "covered all bases". You didn't "miss a beat". I heard many comments on the wonderful service.

It was like a nice family gathering from start to finish, despite covid. I wouldn't change a thing, and would think of you first in the future. Kind regards, Suzanne.

Suzanne from South Buffalo
April 20, 2021

I know we are childhood friends, but I can't thank you enough for the care, patience and understanding you have always shown me at these difficult times.

I'm sure it's hard for you knowing the people that have passed since your own childhood. I'm so grateful for what you were able to provide during this crazy time, but especially thankful for you pulling whatever strings needed to get that blue casket with the light blue interior!!

You and your entire staff were great, as always.

Joann from Orchard Park
April 13, 2021

The Funeral Director assisting us with the arrangements was patient, knowledgeable and helpful.

The service was excellent.
Thank you again.

Juliann of Cheektowaga
March 10, 2021

We chose your firm based on your Location, Price and Reputation. The Funeral Director we dealt with was Professional and Knowledgeable.

The attention to details was Excellent, the prices were very fair.

Everything was highest quality and professional.

We will choose your Funeral Home again.

Ed, from Lackawanna
March 8, 2021

Brian and Brenden offered excellent service, coordinating all details to my Mother's wishes.

This is my third burial service coordinated with Brian and Brenden. They are both friendly and professional and are attentive to each burial request. The only service that was not prearranged was that of my wife's. But with each service, all of them were tailored to the family's needs.

I would and do recommend Gannon's to everyone for their funeral needs. Also, my personal plans have been prearranged and pre-paid there.

Paul, from Blasdell
July 27, 2020

Dear Brian, Brenden and Pat,

I chose your Funeral Home because you had previously served my family.

I was treated like family, and everything was wonderful.

Thank You for all you do! God Bless You and your family always.

Denis, from South Buffalo
July 9, 2020

Everything was excellent, and I will definitely choose for Funeral Home again.

Ron, from West Seneca
July 9, 2020

A family member who dies, even when expected, still is a very trying and stressful time.

Brenden and Brian made me feel comfortable and they truly cared that I knew what was going on.

So close to the holidays, they never pushed to deal with the cremation until after the holiday had passed. They were never pushy about anything.

The facility is very nice and pleasant and calming... would highly recommend.

Donna from Orchard Park
January 23, 2020

The entire staff were very personable and professional. My overall impression... Everything was perfect. Thanks for everything.

Robert, from Orchard Park
September 28, 2019

The Funeral Director I dealt with was very helpful and compassionate. Your prices were very reasonable. We will definitely choose your funeral home again.

Sam, from Lackawanna
September 16, 2019

The Funeral Director we dealt with was caring, sympathetic, excellent and professional. The pricing was very good... right in line and well worth it.

Thanks to all of you. You made me and my family very comfortable in our time of need. You both went above and beyond my expectations. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God Bless!

Jeff, from West Seneca
September 16, 2019

I cannot say enough great things about Gannon.

You made such a difficult time so smooth and easy for us all.

A heartfelt "Thank You" to you all.

Terry, from Orchard Park
July 12, 2019

My Mother was very well prepared by picking out everything and prepaying everything. The Gannon's were great and very helpful. They did a great job! Thank you for everything.

Katie, from Hamburg
July 6, 2019

When I walked into the funeral parlor to make arrangements, I was greeted as if I was family. They were so kind and courteous. It made me feel so at ease at this time.

They made it very clear for me to understand everything, not knowing about these things. Mr. Gannon did just about all there was to do and I thank him so kindly. When I speak of my ordeal, I also always brag about the Gannon's and how helpful they were to me and my family. Thank you.

Katherine, from Lackawanna
June 27, 2019

Dear Brenden & Brian,
Thank you so much for your assistance with our Aunt's preparation and transport back home to Pennsylvania. Everything worked out very well.

April 11, 2019

Dear Brian, Brenden and Patrick,

On behalf of our family, I am writing to thank you for your loving care and compassion regarding my mother's funeral arrangements.

We felt deeply comforted by your guidance and affection for our parents. We are most grateful for all your efforts.

April 8, 2019

Dear Brian & Brenden,
Thank you for helping me through a tough time. You were so kind and compassionate, and gave Mom and our family a "good funeral" as you described... both Mom and our family got to where we needed to be. I know Mom is beaming down with gratitute to you.

Denis from South Buffalo
March 23, 2019

The Funeral Director who met with us was attentive, caring and compassionate. Your attention to details was absolutely professional with a very personal touch.

Juliann from South Buffalo
March 20, 2019

The price of your Professional Services was worth every penny! Thank you for your kindness and wonderful service.

Pat from Lackawanna
February 27, 2019

We chose your Funeral Home based on your location and reputation. Everything was Excellent. We pre-planned this funeral, and that is the thing do to!. It takes the burden off the family. Brian, you are a very compassionate person and you make sure that you and your family meet the needs of the family!. Great Job!!!

Diane I. from Pahrump, NV
October 3, 2018

Brian and Brenden... Thank you for your professionalism, kindness, humor and guidance during our difficult time.

You were very warm, knowledgeable and compassionate. The attention to details was outstanding and your prices were very fair.

Everything was professionally performed.

With warmest gratitude... Peggy K. and family.

Peggy K. from West Seneca
July 5, 2018

Your entire staff were very professional and caring. The services were performed exactly as we had requested, and to perfection... with excellent attention to all the details.

All your prices for the merchandise and the professional services... we found to be very reasonable. Norman E. Gannon and Sons exceeded our expectations.

Kevin B. from Eggertsville
June 15, 2018

Dear Brenden, Brian & Patrick,

Many thanks for all your support and generosity during this difficult time. We greatly appreciate what you did for our family.

A family from South Buffalo...
May 25, 2018

We chose your Funeral Home based on the recommendations of other family members.

We were completely satisfied and very appreciative of all the options offered. Phone calls were immediately returned and questions were answered thoroughly.

We were completely satisfied with not only the excellent service but also the prices.

A family from Cheektowaga...
April 12, 2018

We chose your home based on the fact you have taken care of other members of our family. Once again, everything was excellent and your staff is truly knowledgeable and helpful... the attention to detail, very good. We will certainly return once again when the need arises.

A family from Lackawanna
March 8, 2018

We chose your home based upon a friend's recommendation. We were quite pleased with not only how beautiful your home is, but by the wonderful Funeral Director that assisted us in planning the services... He was perfect. Everything was taken care of exactly as we had planned. We will definitely recommend your family because of the outstanding service we received.

A family from Lackawanna -
March 6, 2018

Dear Gannon's;
Thank you for your tremendous support and help for our family during this difficult time. You went above and beyond guiding us and your presence was comforting to us all. We Thank You for ensuring our Mother was taken care of the way she wanted.

A Family from South Buffalo
October 9, 2017

We chose your Funeral Home based on your excellent reputation. The Director we dealt with was Professional, yet personal. Everything was perfect and beautiful.
Thank you for helping us through a couple of the hardest weeks of our lives... I said weeks because you were not only there for us before and during the wake and funeral... you have been there for us weeks afterwords... answering our questions, providing more Thank You Cards and Prayer Cards and always making us feel comfortable and at ease about any requests. Thank You!

Mary Pat & Family from Lackawanna
January 5, 2017

Overall great experience with a very knowledgeable staff. Very helpful through the whole process! Very well done, a class act every step of the way, Thank You Very Much!

You made me look great to my family and friends were very impressed.

My Dad did not want anything special, but I think this was a fitting goodbye for his final get-together. I think he would have been happy.

Thank you again for your friendship, kindness and help.

Richard from Lackawanna
December 16, 2016

Brian was a contact from Our Lady of Victory School when our children both attended. He was very passionate towards are needs and made sure everything was perfect for our Dad. We didn't have to worry because I knew he knew what we wanted and made sure it was done.

Our family thanks everyone at the Funeral Home for their services and attention given to all.

Kim from West Seneca
October 18, 2016

We chose your firm upon a friend's recommendation and found the Directors to be personable and comforting. Brian was so very nice and easy to deal with. Thank you again!

Jeff & Luis and James from Buffalo
September 26, 2016

Brian, Brenden and Patrick... Thank you for everything. As in my Mom's, Grandpa's and Uncle's services, I felt you were there for every need we had. I thank you for going above and beyond to make sure everything was just how Dad would have wanted it.

Trish from Lancaster
September 22, 2016

You made everything so much easier as we were grieving the loss of our Father. Your help and understanding was greatly appreciated.

Susan from Orchard Park
September 15, 2016

Dear Brian & Brenden;
Thank you for all your help with my Dad's funeral. Everything went so smoothly, and for that we are grateful.
You made a very stressful and sad time easier.

Susan from Orchard Park
August 12, 2016

We chose your Funeral Home based on your reputation. The funeral home was in excellent condition; the Funeral Director and the attention to details was excellent. It was wonderful working with you, and thank you for working with us. We would choose your Funeral Home again.

David from Bemus Point, NY
May 26, 2016

We found the Funeral Director to be very helpful and professional. Everything was done exactly as we requested. We will definitely choose your Funeral Home again. Thanks for making this difficult time easier.

Virginia from West Seneca
April 22, 2016

I can only describe the Funeral Directors who assisted me in planning my Mother's funeral as "awesome"! Brenden and Brian were friendly, accommodating, compassionate, good listeners and patient.

Brian's son; Patrick, is a great addition to the family business.

The services went beyond my expectations. I left the cemetery feeling at peace and happy with the service. My Mom would have loved it!

Gannon's continues to get better every time our family has called upon them by staying updated to the current trends and the family's needs.

Debbie R. from Lakewood, Colorado
March 9, 2016

We chose your Funeral Home because of several recommendations we received from family and friends. The Funeral Director who assisted us was very helpful, offered suggestions to help us personalize the service and was very "down to earth".

We were very grateful to have a wide range of merchandise to choose from, and we will absolutely use your Funeral Home again.

Frank from Lackawanna
March 2, 2016

The Funeral Director who assisted us was very sincere, helpful and friendly. I enjoyed dealing with him. Everything was done exactly as we requested.
The entire family was very pleased with the whole experience.

Maureen from South Buffalo...
February 25, 2016

I chose your funeral home due to it's convenient location. The funeral director who assisted me was attentive, personable... just phenomenal! The attention to details was fantastic. The service we received was amazing. Brian and his staff were amazing with the service they provided. The world would benefit if we had more people like them in it. Thank You!

Glen from Lackawanna
February 6, 2016

We choose your funeral home based on your Reputation. We found that the Funeral Home was beautifully decorated and that Mr. Gannon and his entire staff were very helpful and very professional.
Your attention to the details was very good, and your pricing more than appropriate.
We can't think of anything you could of done any differently and Thank You for making a difficult situation easier. Our family will certainly choose your funeral home and family when the need arises once again.

Marty H. of Orchard Park
December 30, 2015

We chose your funeral home due to your location, reputation and a recommendation from a friend.

The funeral home buildings and grounds were in excellent condition and the Funeral Director we met with was very helpful and knowledgeable.

We were very satisfied with the attention to all the details and found the prices to be very reasonable. Our family was very well satisfied.

Stephen C. from Lackawanna
December 14, 2015

Brian, Brenden & Patrick... Thank you for everything. As in my Mom, Grandpa and Uncle's services, I felt you were all there for every need we had. I thank you for going above and beyond to make sure everything was just how Dad would have wanted it.

Trish from Lancaster

"The Funeral Home was in excellent condition and beautifully furnished. The Funeral Director that we met with to make the arrangements was friendly, kind and helpful. The funeral service itself was professional, respectful and dignified. The prices were very reasonable. Thank you for assisting us in making all the decisions that had to be made, and for making the entire process "worry free".

A family from Orchard Park

"Dear Brian & Brenden... I just wanted to tell you, Thank You... again, for all your kindness during this time. I couldn't of done this without your help. Thank You!"

A family from Lackawanna

"The services you and your staff provided were outstanding. We also found your prices to be very fair. We will definitely return to your funeral home when the need arises. Thank you very much for taking such good care of us."

A family from West Seneca

"I think overall, Gannon & Sons is quite fair to the consumer. I didn't feel as though I was being overcharged. The staff was very professional, showing great attention to detail and also being very sympathetic. I want to thank them for helping me and my family through a difficult time. They made the process easy to understand and their professionalism was appreciated. My family also commented on how lovely the funeral home was.

A family from Lancaster

"The reason we chose your funeral home was based on a friend's recommendation based on your family's reputation. The funeral directors and staff were very helpful and comforting. Thank you for making this time so much easier. Having everything taken care of in such a wonderful way made our family feel able to cope with our loss. We knew, under your guidance, that everything was being taken care of in the right way. Thank you again..."

A family from Hamburg

"The Funeral Director was very helpful and offered us several options to personalize Mom's service. My overall impression of your services was... First Class! Your prices were extremely reasonable, and we will definitely choose your Funeral Home again."

A family from Blasdell

"Dear Brenden & Brian, Thank you for your kindness. You were both wonderful. Everything was perfect and exactly as we had planned it. Thank you for everything... God Bless."

A family from Hamburg

"Brian and Brenden were both extremely helpful, and the attention to details could not have been better. Everything was absolutely perfect. We will definitely choose your Funeral Home again!"

A family from Cheektowaga

"Our entire family thanks you sincerely for all your help! We were very pleased with all the arrangements. Thank your for your patience when answering all our questions. You did an excellent job. Thank You!

A family from Hamburg

"Not only was I impressed, but all the people coming in made very nice comments about your home and loved your service."

A family from Lackawanna

"Dear Brian and Brenden, Thank you so much for allowing us to use your Funeral Home as a place for our family and friends to come together to celebrate the life and grieve the loss of our precious baby. We are deeply touched by your kindness and generosity and continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support we have received. Thank you for your compassion and care."

A family from Lackawanna

"Brian was warm and friendly and made a stressful situation easier with his personable personality. Brenden was extremely warm and respectful. Both men were sensitive to our grief. The prices for services and merchandise were less than what I anticipated. I was extremely satisfied."

A family from Lackawanna

"Everything about Dad's services were exceptional... All involved were very kind and caring. We will definitely choose your Funeral Home again".

A family from Lackawanna

"Your entire staff served our family in a very professional manner. Thank you for your patience and understanding when it came to our endless questions regarding setting up the services. We will certainly recommend your firm above all others."

A family from Amherst

"To all the Gannon's - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Generation!
We're very grateful for your kindness and gentle and professional manner. You stepped up for us in a very big way, leading us through our tragedy. It really doesn't feel like neighbors, it feels like family. May God Bless You All."

A family from Lackawanna

“We extend our sincerest thanks to you for meeting us at such an early morning hour, especially on a Sunday and assisting us with Dad’s funeral arrangements. Thank you for your compassion and concern.”

A family from East Aurora

“My Brother and I had the unfortunate duty of making final arrangements for our Brother just before Christmas. It was a rough time. People tried, some more, some less, to help us. To find a decent man these days is sometimes hard. But to find one in our time of need was truly a blessing. My Brother and I will always be grateful.”

A family from Lackawanna

“On behalf of our entire family, I would like to express our gratitude for the professionalism and compassionate care demonstrated during the wake and funeral for our dear Mother. Losing a parent is a traumatic event filled with all sorts of emotions. However we were all at peace knowing you would take good care of our Mom. A sincere Thank You.”

A family from Lackawanna

“You all did a tremendous job. The way our Mother looked reinforced the fact that you are indeed miracle workers. Your level of professionalism, compassion and caring is beyond compare. Thank you for making such a difficult time more bearable.”

A family from South Buffalo

"Dear Brian & Brenden,
Thank you for everything you did to make Dad’s wake and funeral go flawlessly. I was a rookie at planning these events so your guidance was much appreciated.”

A family from Lackawanna

“Thank you so much for once again coming to our aid in our time of need. It’s good to know that you’re always there for us.”

A family from Lackawanna

“You were so helpful, the prices were very reasonable, the attention to detail was excellent. Thank you for everything”

A family from South Buffalo

“Dear Brenden and Brian… Just wanted to let you know how much it meant to our entire family the way you assisted us at the time of the tragic death of our beloved infant daughter. We heard nothing but wonderful things from our parents and friends on how you helped us through such a terrible time, and for that we are so grateful.”

A family from Lackawanna

“When Dad made his wishes clear that when his time came, he wanted to be brought ‘home’ to Ireland, we thought it would be impossible. Thank You for doing the impossible!”

A family from Buffalo

“Thank you Brian, Brenden and the Gannon support team for making my Aunt’s funeral and wake so beautiful. You have served our entire family throughout the years in a very dignified and professional manner. We greatly appreciate what you do.”

A family from Blasdell

“Very professional, all was perfect. Please accept this Thank You for a job well done.”

A family from South Buffalo

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all you have done in the services for my Grandmother. You and your staff are truly very special. It’s always a tough time, but you allowed us to focus on truly what is important.”

A family from East Aurora

“Your service was excellent when you made arrangements for my Dad. Your service was excellent for my Mom also. Many of my friends commented on how smoothly everything went and how beautiful your Funeral Home is. Thank you.”

A family from Orchard Park

"Brenden and Brian were most helpful and courteous during this very stressful time. The entire family agrees that the attention to details was excellent and the prices were most agreeable. Thank you once again for being there for our family."

A family from Lackawanna
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